Gerardo Myrin MD Orthopaedic Surgeon

Gerardo Myrin, MDOrthopedic Surgeon
Fellowship Trained Hip and Knee Replacement
Robotic Joint Replacement

Dr. Myrin is a fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon specializing in hip and knee replacement including robotic assisted replacement and revisions. Dr. Myrin grew up in Broken Arrow, OK, and attended Oklahoma State University. He graduated with a degree in Industrial Engineering and Management as well as a Bachelor of Science in Physiology. During college, several volunteer and leadership positions compelled him to explore medicine as a career as he realized his true desire to help people directly. Working as a medical assistant, completing EMT training, and working at The Children’s Center in Bethany, OK, confirmed that medicine was his ideal career.

Dr. Myrin & His Team

Dr. Myrin was first introduced to robotic total joint replacement during fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic. Due to the precision implant sizing, bone preparation, alignment, balancing, and positioning, he uses this for standard and complex hip and knee replacements. This technology allows him to successfully perform this revolutionary procedure with a high degree of precision and patient satisfaction.

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Patient Reviews/Testimonials


Six and a half weeks after total replacement of my left knee, I met friends in New Orleans for a short vacation. In three days I easily walked a total of 15 miles. Four days later, I was released for my outpatient physical therapy. To say I am happy with my outcome is a huge understatement. Dr. Myrin and the entire staff and facility were made for a remarkable experience.
Thank you Dr. Myrin!
George D

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Patient Education & Videos

The videos provide patients with information on the normal anatomy, diseased states, conservative treatments and the latest surgical procedures, including minimally invasive techniques

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